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president obama seriously consider replacing vice president biden with hillary clinton? and how does mr. obama feel about former president clinton? fascinating details from the guys who brought you "game change." >>> new airline rules about electronics thrill the flying masses. >>> plus, a really bad day for this $300,000 ferrari, and the sights an sounds of the very healthy and seemingly happy halloween 2013. "early today" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for friday, november 1st. >>> good morning. i'm mara schiavocampo. we begin with the harrowing story of ten children who escaped a bus crash unharmed. their bus toppled off a bridge thursday into a fast moving creek in douglas, kansas. it landed on its side half submerged in the water. all the children on board were under the age of 13, the youngest just 6 years old. the older kids are credited with helping the younger ones escape through a roof hatch. >> they were all screaming and stuff and me and my friend told them to calm down and stuff. >> i was scared but i really wanted -- my friends, i tried to put them f
. >>> president obama combines a massive fund-raising west coast swing while getting heckled. >>> this puppy saved after being trapped for a week. >>> a popular family guy character is killed off. fans aren't happy. "early today" starts right now. this is "early today" for tuesday, november 26th. >>> good morning. i'm richard lui. we're going to begin with the deadly storm marching across the country a. triple threat bringing snow, wind and rain across new england and the system is already complicating holiday plans for millions of americans. let's get to bill karins for the latest. bill, if you're heading out the door, whether you're in the east or west, what might you see? >> airports. that's the thing we'll be watching. everyone in the west is fine, on any trains. it's the airports across the country that the ripple effect from delays in the east will cause. the huge storm is now near new orleans, a huge plume of rain coming up the eastern seaboard. enough cold air for a little bit of snow and ice in the appalachians, and also up into new england. as far as the airports go today, some of the bi
auliffe is facing off against republican ken cuccinelli. the gop has built a race as a referendum on obama care. phil deblasio has been the first democrat to lead new york city since 1989. polls have given him huge leads over republican joe lhota. in new jersey, governor chris christie is hoping for a second term. democrat barbara buono has painted christie as someone who wants to be president not governor. a new poll gives christi with a 19-point lead. and a more that 60-point advantage with independents. >>> if you tried logging onto the obama care health care exchange this morning, you probably noticed it was offline. operators temporarily shut down the site in attempt to make improvements sunday. mitt romney said the fiasco is rotting president obama's second term. >> perhaps the most important lesson the president, i think, failed to learn was, you have to tell the american people the truth. and when he told the american people that you can keep your health insurance if you wanted to keep that plan, period, he said that time and again. >> right. >> he wasn't telling the truth. >> but gover
on earth. the superstorm hits land. >>> and nbc exclusive interview with president obama. and what about replacinghe vp? >>> twitter's grand debut on the stock market. >>> also, toronto's mayor, and -- fireworks fly when number two takes on number six in college football. "early today" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for friday, november 8th. >>> good morning to you. i'm richard lui. it's being called one of the most powerful storms ever recorded. right now, haiyan is lashing the fill spooens with miles 195 miles per hour and experts are predicting catastrophic damage. here's nbc's frances koe with more. >> reporter: it's what the philippines feared. the typhoon slammed into the coast. they are bearing the brunt. winds at least 150 miles per hour and drenching rains that made visibility virtually nonexistent. the breeze moved through the air and floated into rapid moves rivers. storm surges are expected to reach up to more than 20 feet in some cities. about a million people are taking cover in shelters in more than 20 provinces, but because the country is made up of
lead over attorney general ken cuccinelli. the gop has tried to make the case a referendum on obama care. bill de blasio could be the first democratic mayor. new jersey governor governor chris christie is hoping for a second term. barbara buono has so far failed to dent his popularity. mike duggen and the sheriff are vying for the job to lead detroit. >>> in colorado, voters are weighing in on a controversial taxing scheme for the sale of legal marijuana. and 11 counties will decide whether to pursue splitting away, informing their own state. >>> the nfl is investigating charges that a miami dolphins player was bullied by a teammate who sent his racist and threatening texts. the dolphins suspended guard richie incognito for conduct detrimental to the team. incognito allegedly sent messages that were racist and threatening. he says the charges are false. dolphins' tackle jonathan martin left the team last week and has reportedly been bullied ever since he was a rookie last year. martin says he was pressured into paying $15,000 for incognito and teammates to go to las vegas. the playe
, how i the white house handlinghe obama carexchange numbers coming in? >> reporr: well, the reality is settling in, richard. and they realize that no one's happy with this, not the critics, the predent or the white house. as you noted now, not even pporters, democrats who have been behind the health law. today the whiteouse gets an earful from senate democrats. >> nobody who supports health care reform and supports suessful implementation of the fordable care act is sisfied th what we've seen out of the website. >> reporter: president obama continues to reassure americans. >> we're working overtime to make se the law works the way it's supposed to. >> reporter: b with less than 27,000 peoe signedp for health insurance through the federalebsite a 106,000 overall, republican critics insist it's time tstart over. >> i'm goingo give it a grade. this was a "f." >> reporter: lawmake say their phones are ringing off theook th constituents whoay the website's not the onl prlem. >> called this number because i couldn't get throu on the website. i've waite for two weeks, havet heard back. >>
on the troubled rollout o strong words from former esident clinton on obama care and a promise president obama made but hasn'necessarily been able to keep tracie potts joins us in washington wh the latest. good morning. reporter: certainly democrats and espeally rublicans there, who patted him on the back will have a lot to say about whether the president needs toeep his promise. a lot of the talk in that hearing today is going to be about fixi the website. today, the house oversight committee hears from five top government th experts on efforts to fix the troled website. >> wought to start over. it's not salvagele. >> reporter: even john boehner gave president clion a pat on the back f saying president obama shouldake good on his promisand let people who le their health care plan keep them. >> even if it tas a change in the law, t president should honor e commitment the fedal government made to those people. >> reporter: democrat anne feinsteinaid last night she'll back that chan. e white house says they're working on it. the president has tasked his team with looking at a rge
barack obama. >>> topping the news, a major storm system is crossing the country as 43 million americans prepare for thanksgiving travel. it's already killed 13. flights in dallas, texas, hundreds were canceled. >>> an historic dealing is reached on iran's nuclear stockpile. and u.s. ally railg calling the deal an historic mistake. president obama called israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu sunday. he said the u.s. will remain firm in its commitment to israel. he says israel has good reason to be skeptical about iran's intentions. >>> so a family in australia knows how to celebrate the holidays and they have a world to prove it. guinness reports that the richards family has the most christmas lights on a residential property. they hung up over 500,000 christmas lights around their home. 31 miles of holiday cheer. the homeowner david richards said his family began competing for the world record to raise awareness for the charity for sudden infant death syndrome. >> the only thing that matters is, do they take them down or leave them up the entire year? >> i would leave them. >> that
back. the supreme court will take up a controversial obama care provision requiring private companies to provide contraception to female employees. justices will decide if there is a right to object on religious grounds. >>> opponents will request a hand recount because of that small margin. >>> the cia used to train guantanamo detainees to become double agents, then back into al qae qaeda. it was known as penny lane. it has special accommodations like showers, real beds and pornography for those who ask for it. >>> a las vegas judge rejects o.j. simpson's bid for a new trial, saying it lacks merit. the former football star is serving a sentence of up to 33 years in prison. >>> and caught on camera, a tow truck driver was helping a stalled one yesterday when a pickup truck hauling a trailer almost jack knifed and hit him. >>> time to get down to business. the nasdaq finished above 4,000 for the first time in 13 years while the dow continues the upward rise. louis v. is changing the face of moscow's square. the trunk is a replica of a piece that belonged to the cszas family. >>> tax tr
other former players have been diagnosed. including leonard marshall. >>> president obama is finding himself playing defense on the affordable care act. this morning he is back in washington after a trip to texas. it is the largest state refusing to participate in the health care law. he got an earful from both sides. tracie potts joins us with the latest. there's news on the resignation on the rollout team, what's being made of that? >> tony trinkle, the top chief technology officer at health and human services is leaving as of next friday. next week will be his last day. he's going into the private sector, already replaced for now by someone on the inside. as they get ready to roll out more money from the health law. today the white house is announcing $150 million in grants to community health centers to treat more than a million new patients, part of the health law that president obama says has him frustrated because the website to buy insurance isn't working properly. >> this is like having a really good product in the store and the cash registers don't work and there aren't eno
-year-old trayvon martin. >>> there is fresh fallout from the rollout of obama care. president obama's approval rating has fallen to 42% i a new poll. it's one o theowest points down sixoints in just a moh, an13 points since the start of the second term. mr. obama is alsoaking a hit personally. mo than half of respondents say he is not a strong leader, and half fin him dishonest and untrustworthy. in all harkens back to his promise that americans could keep their heah plan if they liked it, in addition with other problems wh the affordable care act, aaw that now 57% oppose. >>> this morning, princeton university sd it would allow a non-fda proved vaccine. the vaccine has not officially been approved for use in t u.s., but t school says th cdc remmended this plan. seven casesf the re strain have been confirmed sincemarch, the most recent just last week. none fatal. r a look at the weather, nbc meteorologist bill karins. >> good morning. >> good morning to you. we h concerns of rain, or maybe some -- >> yeah, rn in the forecast in safrancisco, and w kind of thought maybe it would beere
made there. >>> president obama and former president bill clinton laid a wreath on john f. kennedy's grave at arlington cemetery. they did this two days before the 50th anniversary of his assassination. joined by michelle obama, hillary clinton, and mrs. kennedy, and tom brokaw told jon stewart that jfk was the first president we all shared. >> he was in everyone's home every night. and we'd not had that phenomenal before, so there was a familiarity with him. and he was so charismatic. by that stage of the presidency, his numbers were going up. he'd become popular again after the cuban missile crisis. so it was a real transition in how we perceive politicians and the connection we felt to him. and then, it was such a violent ending. i was wholly unexpected. i read it on the air there. i remember having two parts of my mind working -- personal, i didn't know what we could expect next, and then i thought, this doesn't happen in this country. >> brokaw looks into the national effect of that fateful day in his new documentary, "where were you the day jfk died?" >>> an underwater volcan
for a year but insurance companies would have to compare and contract what they would good unr obama care. not enough time, plus if those peopletay on cheaper planshe insurance say they may haveo charge others more. today a hou vote expected on the republican plan to allow people to hold on toheir insurance indefinitelywhether or not tse plans have been cancelled. >> a lot to consider there. okay. thank you, tracie. we appreciate . >>> moving now to e philippines where typhoon haiyan's death tollopped 4,500. and the aid theyesperately need is finally arriving. nbc's harry smith re with u.s. marines as they delived supplies. >> reporte aid is starting to pour in from all over theworld, at the airport i the planes from t united ara emirates. behind me, one from israel. there's plas here from asia, from australia. the world is sponding. t in the storm zone,ittle of the response is being felt. orm victims by the hundreds wait in lines at the taclon airport, lines that don't se to mov >> the people like us, very ordina, we're just suffering from hunger, no water. >> no medicine >> no medicine.
. >> but -- >> i wasn't that scared. >> you had obama care? >>> in sports, olympic gold medal skier lindsey vonn is recovering from knee surgery. she had to be helped off the practice slope in colorado on tuesday. the u.s. ski team said it won't report more details until after a medical evaluation is complete. vonn injured her right knee in february at the world championships. she was expected to return for her first races on thanksgiving weekend. >>> now to the nba. in the first quarter, atlanta's mike scott hit a turnaround jump shot as the hawks take the lead, but miami bounces back in the second half. ray allen comes up big with a three-pointer as the heat pulls out a 104-88 win. >>> the lakers' kobe bryant practiced on tuesday and said it's possible he could return to the team late this month. he is recovering from an achilles injury last april. >>> in college basketball, number two ranked kansas got a scare as armon gave unranked the lead. kansas turned it on in the second half winning 86-66. >>> following the deadly tornado in washington, illinois, this week the town's high school footbal
tradition at the obama's. they were at the capital food bank, distributing food to the needy in washington. president obama, first lady michelle, and daughters sash a and malia, helping pack bags of food and hand them to seepors and children in need. before that, the presidential pardon for the national thanksgiving turkey. this year's lucky bird, popcorn, was selected by a vote on the white house web suit. popcorn went waddle to waddle as they say, against another bird, caramel. by the way, both birds were spared. >>> also, in washington, officials kick off the first ever thanksgiving cup. it started with the lighting of the world's largest menorah on the national mall. joining the jewish community were the u.s. air force band and grammy winning vilist mir miri benari. it was a celebration that will hopefully last until the next convergence of thanksgiving and hanukkah, with i is only 79,000 years from now. good luck witnessing that. >>> a pizza hut manager in indiana decided to close shop for the thanksgiving holiday and it cost him his job. tony rohr, a pizza hut employee for ten years,
for march 31. >>> the first family enjoyed a hearty feast at the white house but president obama did manage to sneak away for a little while. the commander in chief called service members from every branch of the military and thanked them for their dedication and sacrifice for america. >>> tens of thousands of american troops celebrated thanksgiving overseas. >>> with thanksgiving behind us good deeds and random acts of kindness added an extra touch of class. more than 400 homes were evacuated early wednesday after a train derailed causing a chemical spill. the railroad provided the displaced family with a free thanksgiving dinner. >>> in sacramento a record 30,000 people raced up for the annual run to save the hungry. the race hopes to raise about $900,000 for charity. >>> and outgoing boston mayor joined about 200 volunteers to get turkey and fixings for those in need. >>> detroit residents had a dicy weather day, snow blanketing the region led to multiple accidents throughout the motor city. conditions were so bad interstate 75 was temporarily shut down. bill karins is here with the frid
than 24 hours before president obama's self-imposed deadline for fixes heal officials say the vast majority of people will have a better experience. >>> as people try to enroll for health care the technology team is scrambling to build a new part of the website. the easy app would permit people eligible for financial aid to sign up for coverage without calculating an exact subsidy amount. which has been a major stumbling block so far. >>> and an american fox hound named jewel stole the show. the 3-year-old was select best in show at the national dog sew. beating contestants from seven canine groups. >>> the united nations nuclear agency says it is seeing releases of steam and water at a nuclear plant in north korea, all of which indicates they may try to restart the reactor. south korea's ministry says it is aware and monitoring the situation. >>> the icy comet, that was speeding toward the sun. well, comes word now it may have fizzled out. still, scientists are hopeful. they're seeing remnants of the comet continuing to journey past the sun. >>> stocks enter this fina
to fixhe tracie potts is ve this morning. >> reporter: remember obama for america turned into organizing for action after theampaign waover. he has a conference call with em ler today to talk about what he cal clearing the noise and to talk aut his agda. 80% is now the goal. >> this ia fixable problem. oncehey fix i peopleill say i have an opportuty to cover my mily. >> reporter: this week the president suggests extend one year. >> it is a polical band aid but not a permant cure. >> reporter: oextend them permently. democrats defected and agreed with with republica on that. >> reporter: nancy posi insists her party determined. democrats stand paul in support of the affordable care ac >> it is time for aime-out which i haveeen calling for. >> rorter: the president's approval ratings have plummeted. ca he regainamerica's confidence? >> paradise lost and paradise regained. >> reporter: republicans s next year'songressional elections will be a referendum on whether the presidt's policies worked. al clear politics. polls fou democrats have slipped four percent over the last m
is not cooperating. >>> the senate goes nuclear and president obama is thrilled. >>> and the new trend to use instagr instagram. plus, x box one hits shelves friday. >>> welcome back. with a single vote on thursday democrats change the senate rules in a way not seen in almost 200 years. senator harry reid called for a vote to end the minority party's rule for nominees. the rule passed. >>> 14-year-old chism has been indicted on murder, rape and robbery charges in the death of colleen ritzer. >>> reverend billy graham was released from the hospital on thursday after a two-day stent for respiratory problems. >>> apparently instagram isn't just for posting selfies. more and more people are using the app to buy and sell guns. authorities worry about potential legal loopholes. >>> the fcc on the verge of making air travel better or use. the use of cell phones is being reviewed. while some will enjoy the connectivities others will not be able to stand it. >> no. we have done surveys and by far passengers do not want that. passengers do not want cell phones and i can promise flight attendants don't either.
you, bill karins. >>> the senate goes nuclear. and president obama is thrilled about it. and a new trend of using inis it a fwr-- instagram to buy and se guns. >>> welcome back. with a single vote on thursday democrats change the senate rules in a way not seen in almost 200 years. senator harry reid called for a vote to end the minority party's ability to filibuster most presidential nominees. it passed 52-48. that rule change was not taken lightly. reid saying no one's hands are entirely clean on this issue. >>> reverend billy graham was released from the hospital on thursday. the 95-year-old evangelist was said to be in good spirits. >>> apparently, instagram is not just for posting selfies. more and more people are using the app to buy and sell guns. authorities worry about potential legal loopholes. >>> the fcc on the verge of making air travel better or worse. it's in the matter of opinion here. the use of cell phones is being reviewed. while some will enjoy the connect activity, others won't be able to stand it. >> no. we've done surveys of the use of cellar telephones. by fa
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